Cubicle and Systems Furniture Buyer's Guide

How much do cubicles cost?

Many people purchasing systems furniture or cubicles get a nasty case of “sticker shock” upon first looking at prices.  When confronted with a number as low as $700 or as high as $5,000+, it can difficult to remember that each cubicle will last for decades, and that the employee that occupies it uses it each day, all day.  Not to mention that the cost of a cubicle includes the price of having a potentially more productive employee—is the number looking a little less shocking yet? 

The price of office cubicles is so variable not only due to the difference in styles, but also because of the large refurbished office cubicle market exists.  In fact, many dealers will carry full lines of both new and refurbished office furniture.  In addition that, companies will sometimes offer a discount for order size—usually the more cubicles you order, the more of a discount you can get.  Check with your dealer to find out if you are eligible for any discounts or deals. 

Most office furniture dealers will give you a price estimate for the entire set-up, which is fine.  However, you should be able to price out each individual option during the negotiations, and add and subtract money as you add or subtract elements from your cubicle design.  The more clearly you can break down your bill the better!

Delivery can also add a lot of additional cost to your order, as cubicles and other systems furniture are very heavy.  If you buy locally, you may be able to save a lot of money on the shipping and handling charges.  Regardless of where you get your cubicles, make sure that the delivery and installation costs are included in the total price estimate. 

Don’t forget that, if your business simply doesn’t have the available capital to purchase all the systems furniture you need, you can lease systems furniture from dealers as well.  In addition to costing less initially, leasing office cubicles is considered a business expense, and is taken from pre-tax income instead of after-tax profit.  Consult your business financial advisor before making any large purchases, and ask them about the benefits and detriments of leasing versus purchasing for your particular business situation. 


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